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First off... The Abridged version (aka, the short one):

- Craig is an actor. Hailing from the northwest (and now calling LA home), he has been performing in various productions for film, tv, web and stage including many commercials, pardoy/spoofs and independent films. His work has been seen all over on tv and the web. Besides 'pounding the pavement' (aka, doing things that actors normally do), he is currently working on material and creating content for scripts and also for his improv/sketch troupe "Chaundry Boys". He is also a HUGE baseball fan.

Now, the 'War & Peace' version (aka, the long one):

- Born in Twin Falls, ID. Moved to Portland, OR at the age of 5, Craig has long always been a creative type. When he was involved in sports (Baseball, Basketball, Track, Wrestling) he always found light in whenever there were serious moments. Trying to make teammates laugh and not upset his coach, he rode the fine line... and the bench.

Cut to his first year in College, Craig was the Sports Editor for the school newspaper. One day while he was walking to class, he saw there was an open call for an Oregon Lottery Industrial and decided to give it a shot... He booked his first audition ever, and thought to himself 'this is gonna be so easy'. Wow, if only he would have known the true reality. Either way, Craig has been working as a professional actor in Portland for over 10 years.

During those 10 years, Craig started dabbling in other sides of the creative world. Being a Journalism major, he took to writing instantly. That evolved to directing. Which led itself to producing, editing, shooting... you get the picture.

He has been involved with over 30 various productions, working in all aspects of the production. Anywhere from Editor, Camera Assistant, PA, Casting Assistant with productions that came in through Oregon (Thumbsucker, Elimidate, Weakest Link, Trading Spouses), to on his own productions, where he's been involved in the entire creative process.

His love for sports and video work led him to create FullSwing Films. He has been using this as his production company, but is also contracted out to do sports video work for the Portland Timbers soccer club, Portland Beavers baseball team and CBS/ His work in sports has been seen on ESPN, Fox SportsNet NW, CBS College Sports Network and Cox Cable VOD.

For his filmmaking work, Craig has won a Telly Award (Portland Timbers VideoCast) and was a Top 250 Director for the third outing of "Project GreenLight", for his scene 'Expiate'.

But lets get back to acting. He made his first national televsion apperance on the PaxTV (now ION) show "It's A Miracle", a re-enactment show, where he played Dale, a man who attempts to jump off a bridge to kill himself, only to be saved by a dragon boat full of breast cancer survivors. He's walked the stage in a handful of various productions. He's appeared in many different commercials (all regional) and indie films in the Portland area.

That's when we got to November 4th, 2009. After working a job (and the same type of job for over 9 years) and acting as well, Craig was let go of his position. That made it clear and the writing was on the wall. It became evident that he needed a new challenge. When his lease was up at the end of May, it was kiss Portland goodbye and say hello to Hollywood... The new chapter started June 4th, 2010... Let's see where it goes.

Craig now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is the oldest of 6 (5 boys 1 girl). He is left handed... and a pisces (and doesn't really care about that either).







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